The California

The California Mermaid® Vision Statement

Vira the California Mermaid
photograph by pamela newman

The California Mermaid ® Vira Burgerman is our only licensed mermaid by the State of California. She is known thru her countless appearances at many ecological festivals and oceanic awareness events. 21 years at The Fishermen’s Festival in Bodega Bay blessing the fleet and entertaining the fest goers. 

Vira used this positive attention and created Mermaidfest in 1998, as a vessel to raise public awareness of the plight of small independent fishermen on the Northern California Coast struggling to survive and maintain a vanishing way of life. Having worked on boats herself and having been The Mermaid she made friends with local fishermen, marine biologist and ecologist.

Vira realized the best way to ensure the continued ecologically maintained coastal environment begins at it's source, the rivers of Northern California Vira now has ventured upstream and is amazed at the diversity of wildlife that depends on this vital habitat. Healthy creeks watersheds equate to a healthy ocean. This is why the California mermaid has made her home along the banks of the Russian River.

Vira is about to launch her 9th Mermaidfest in an attempt to create communal synergy elementarily educating the public about their impact on the surrounding environment. The California Mermaid is focused on reaching adults and children thru education presented in a fun and festive environment. It is her firm belief that like the streams and the creeks that feed into the rivers children are our biggest hope of impacting the community at large now and into the future. We invite you to set up an educational / interactive display designed to raise awareness and civic action in the hopes of restoring and maintaining our local watersheds.

The California Mermaid is available for private parties, festivals, concerts, grand openings, etc.
Booking requests, ideas or donations should be sent to
Never Ends Salon, PO Box 1733, Guerneville, CA 95446

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